I want to help you become the best version of yourself, and this is how it is done: by changing the way you think about food and eating, and getting in touch with what your body really needs. Once and for all.

Did you know that not all calories are created equally? Despite what some advice says, weight loss and healthy living cannot be reduced to the simple equation of calories in versus calories out. If it were this easy, why are there so many unhealthy, overweight people amongst us? 

Food is one of the most powerful and emotive things in our society. When used correctly, it can heal, soothe and medicate. When used incorrectly, it is like a drug - sapping us on our energy, ruining our digestive systems, causing lethargy and ultimately making us pack on the pounds. 

My dietary philosophy is this:

Fat is NOT the devil. It is SUGAR that is the problem.

Using this very basic piece of knowledge, you are already armed with one of the most important things you need to know to improve your health. 

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Living healthily is about making life better, and constantly improving your state of wellbeing. There is nothing more rewarding than a healthy body, mind and spirit. Keeping these three things nourished is the key to everything else in life. Only good things can come from being healthy and living optimally. Embracing health and wellness is the core foundation we all need to live better lives. So start now, not on Monday, not next week, not next year. Every conscious healthy decision you make brings you closer to your best self. And who doesn't want that? 

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** I am not medically trained and do not offer or provide any medical or similar advice on this website. For medical advice suited to your personal needs, please consult your healthcare professional. **