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We all need a little ray of sunshine in our lives from time to time. Unfortunately, getting too much real sun can lead to skin cancer. Ditto for solariums, which are super dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. So where does that leave your average girl looking to get her bronze on? Self-tanning cream, of course.

There are hundreds of fake tans on the market. The problem with the majority of them? Tonnes of chemicals, bad smells, streaks, orange palms…the list goes on and on. Remember that what you put on your skin seeps directly into your body and eventually into your blood stream. Most fake tans are heavily processed and contain many harsh additives. Try looking at the ingredients list of some of the more popular brands and see if you can pronounce half of the items listed. Didn’t think so.

The good news is that there are several natural, organic products on the market that make it their mission to offer a tanning cream free of all the nasties. One Australian brand I have tried recently is Eco Tan. According to their website, Eco Tan are a healthy alternative and made history by being the only tanning company to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain, under the Australian Government’s organic and biodynamic standards.

Perhaps the best thing about Eco Tan is that the colour in their tan is derived from cacao, so there are no ugly green or orange tones. Also absent in Eco Tan are nasty synthetic ingredients or GMOs.

So – what’s the verdict? Since Saturday, I have been using the Organic Winter Skin product daily. The Winter Skin is Eco Tan’s version of a daily tanner that builds over continual use. While I was expecting no smell (or perhaps a pleasant one), I was disappointed when I could still smell quite a moderate self-tan aroma after application. The product itself is very slippery and glides on well, so you don’t need too much each time. After two days, I developed quite a nice, even glow, although I wouldn’t say I look ‘tanned’. After four days’ in a row of use, the coloured hasn’t really deepened either.

Overall, Eco Tan’s Winter Skin is a good product, although I was hoping for a bit more of a build in colour over the time I have been using it. As mentioned above, I also would have expected less of a fake tan smell (note however, this smell doesn’t hang around all day, like some other tanners, and certainly isn’t as bad as some standard ones I’ve used). For the price point ($29.95), it is quite high for a light tanning product, however the quality of ingredients and the fact that it is chemical-free always meant the cost was going to be higher.

I would recommend this product if you are new to self-tanners and don’t want to develop an overly dark colour, while still using something friendly on your skin. A list of Eco Tan stockists can be found on their website, or you can order direct online.