Ellary's Greens, West Village

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Ellary’s Greens is a new player in the ever-growing New York City scene of green, wholesome, healthy kitchens and restaurants. Nestled in the West Village in between the popular Bleecker Street and Bedford Street, the space is warm, with exposed brick walls lined with wooden shelves that hold plants and other greenery. A small outdoor area at the back makes for an intimate setting for diners in warmer weather, as do the bi-fold doors at the entrance that open up to the street, allowing diners to watch the passers-by as they enjoy their meal.

The menu itself is certainly comprehensive, although logistically a little on the cumbersome side. Diners are handed four separate menus – one is for sandwiches and salads, one is for proteins, grains and sides, one for smoothies and juices and one for alcoholic beverages. This system needs to be changed, as customers are left fumbling through way too many pieces of paper and are prone to being overwhelmed with decision fatigue.

The menu options themselves though are excellent. Ellary’s Greens offers a wide range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free meals, with each selection carefully marked on the left side of the menu to indicate which dietary measure is applicable. Perhaps the best part of the menu is the “create your own” option, in which diners are able to choose from a wide selection of proteins and pair them with vegetables, grains or sides. Options range from crispy organic roasted chicken breast to grilled salmon and delectable vegetables such as roasted Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, quinoa stuffed zucchini and roasted sweet potato.

The food is definitely conducive to sharing, so diners can order multiple dishes and have a taste of each one. Portion sizes aren’t overly huge, but the prices reflect this. While the food is very tasty, it is also heavy on the salt, so be sure not to add any additional salt to any meal here.

One gripe – for a fresh, farm-to-table restaurant, the fact that they offered Brussels sprouts on the menu when not in season worried me a little. The night we dined, the food was very slow in coming out also, but I put this down to the fact that the restaurant is new and that these things are simply the inevitable speed bumps in the process.

All in all, Ellary’s Kitchen is a beautiful spot to sit and share healthy plates of food with a good group of friends. Also boasting a full breakfast, brunch and lunch menu, as well as a full juice bar, Ellary’s certainly has all bases covered when it comes to getting a well-rounded healthy meal. I will definitely be back.

Recommended:  Crispy organic roasted chicken breast; spicy prawns

Prices: $$

Ellary's Greens

33 Carmine Street

New York, NY 10014 (West Village)