To Splurge Or Not To Splurge


All of us are familiar with the expression ‘quality over quantity’. Never has this saying been more apt than when it comes to food.

Entering a grocery store and being faced with thousands of options can certainly be overwhelming. Surely an apple is an apple, right? Wrong. The purpose of this post is to point out what you should invest your money in food-wise, and what you should ignore.

The best place to start in this topic is organic produce. I specifically say produce, as organic red meat, poultry and seafood should always be purchased over the non-organic stuff where possible, even if it does cost a lot more. Organic produce however can be tricky because not every fruit and vegetable is the same. The key when shopping for organic fruit and veggies is to look at the exterior. As a general rule, if something has a hard or thick skin or can be peeled, it is ok to purchase the non-organic variety. Examples include bananas, melons, kiwi fruits avocados, citrus fruits etc. When something has a thick skin, it is less likely that pesticides and other toxins have penetrated the food itself. On the flip side, with items such as berries, apples, lettuce-type greens and basically anything you eat without peeling, it is essential that you grab the organic varieties.

It’s true that organic produce can cost considerably more than non-organic stuff however I encourage you to look at it in terms of a cost to your health. Would you rather ingest a mouthful of chemicals and poisons while saving a couple of dollars, or would you rather have the piece of mind knowing that your food is pesticide free.

A visit to your local farmer’s market is a worthwhile trip on the weekend. There, you can stock up on a ton of fresh, organic produce and as an added bonus, you can often chat to the farmer direct about how and where the produce is farmed. Farmer’s markets also support your local community and mean the food doesn’t travel as far from farm to plate, so you are guaranteed a certain level of freshness. Farmer’s markets are the closest you will get to growing your own fruits and veggies.

Next time you’re considering your options at the grocery store, have a think about the cost to your health if you were to continue to ingest harmful chemicals and pesticides. Over your life, I guarantee the cost to your health, both financially and mentally, will be a lot higher than the initial outlay.