Are you a whinger?


Do you catch yourself whinging, complaining and whining at the drop of a hat?  Most of us complain constantly – taking issue with a whole range of problems, whether large or small. We moan when we are made to wait. We complain when things don’t go our way. We whinge when something we want is no longer available.

I think most people would agree - complaining and whinging is not a good quality. Yet we all do it. Some more than others. Complaining about things is not productive. It doesn’t make things any easier or get us closer to our goals. It is the absolute opposite of progress and development. If something you don’t like presents itself, either change it or move on, don’t complain.

A Mr Will Bowen made famous a simple program known as the “21-day no complaint experiment”. During this experiment, participants wear a single bracelet and move it from one side to the other each time a complaint is uttered. This increased awareness of complaining helps prevent useless past-tense deliberation and negative emotions that improve nothing but are responsible for deleting attention.

I am really eager to try out this experiment and am going to start today. I often catch myself whinging about something and I hate this quality. I am going to start with my watch – alternating it from left to right wrist each time I make a complaint. After 21 days, I hope to see it still on the initial wrist (the left) although I highly doubt this will happen! At least, if anything, my awareness to complaining will become more fine tuned and hopefully soon I will be able to eliminate it all together.