I've gone off red meat and I'm enjoying it


It is important to me that I listen to my body and what it craves. When I say this, I don’t mean I break down and give in every time my body says it wants chocolate or fries, however in a more holistic sense, I try to get a feel for what my body is telling me. This applies to exercise too – on days when I’m feeling lethargic or just a bit off, instead of bashing myself up at the gym, I try to take it easy with some yoga, gentle walking or perhaps even just stretching. It is all about listening to yourself.

Back to food though. Up until very recently, I prided myself on being a meat lover. I would look forward to a big juicy steak or a lamb roast and the smell of it cooking would often make me salivate. I would love meat to the point of being dogmatic about including it as my source of protein at lunch and dinner. Lately however, my attitude has shifted. Not only do I no longer crave the stuff, but the thought of it actually puts me off somewhat. Lunch now for me consists of a big bowl of veggies or a big salad packed with as many leafy greens as possible and sometimes quinoa or legumes for protein. When eating out at restaurants, I will more often than not choose the seafood option, or even vegetarian choice, instead of steak, something I thought I would never do.

I am sure I am not permanently turning vegetarian. I still enjoy lighter meats like chicken from time to time. However at the moment, my body is steering me away from the heavier meats. Not only has this lightened my plate but I think my body is responding well to cutting out a little meat from my diet. I am eating more vegetables in lieu of meat to fill me up and keep me satiated, and that is never a bad thing. My skin seems to like me sans meat and my body feels light and toned. Until the day comes when I once again crave a steak, I am enjoying dabbling in this (slightly) vegetarian world. For now, that is what my body wants and I’m going with it.