What's your weird food quirk?


Being the cautious (some would say picky) eater that I am, I have developed a few quirks over the years when it comes to food. It is easy to develop these funny habits – websites, TV and magazines saturate us with the ‘correct’ ways to eat, based on the latest ‘scientific’ evidence of the day. Thus, some of my habits when it comes to food and eating have arisen out of an amalgamation of information, advice and sheer behavioural trends.

I am ashamed to admit that I have followed them all – eating every three hours on the dot, no eating after 9.30pm, no carbs at dinner etc etc. Only some of these have stood the test of time. I now no longer eat every three hours. I found this behaviour destructive and it caused me to constantly think about food and eating, which was extremely distracting. I now listen to my body and try to eat only when I am hungry, not when the clock or societal behaviour tells me I should eat.

While I try not to eat too close to bed, there are times where I find myself eating quite late at night. In Europe for example, it is almost impossible to eat dinner prior to 10.00pm. Similar situations have occurred in New York, particularly as it is notoriously difficult to get reservations at reputable restaurants until the late hours (not to mention it is also the cool thing to do to eat dinner at all hours of the night).

One habit that has stuck however is breakfast. I always, always eat breakfast and I make sure it is within 30 minutes of me waking up – no matter what the time. Breakfast is what sustains me and what gets me out of bed in the morning. I have been known to say, when getting into bed at night, that I can’t wait for it to be morning so I can eat breakfast! Breakfast dates for me are a struggle because I am so hungry and distracted in the mornings that all I want to do is see the menu and order asap!

Another one of my quirks is that I will only ever eat sweets (if ever) after dinner. You will never see me eating chocolate, even unsweetened healthy chocolate, during the day. I think the reason I do this is that if I do indulge following dinner, I feel like I have earned it after eating cleanly all day. Strange, I know.

I’m sure you all have some food quirks too. Feel free to share some with me so I feel less of a weirdo!