Summer in the Hamptons

 View of the pool from the deck

View of the pool from the deck

As I write this post, I am lying on a deck chair facing the gorgeous pool of our summer vacation home. The light from the established trees dapples the pool and wild flowers grow abundantly under and around the hammock. Welcome to the Hamptons, the holiday destination for New Yorkers.

The Hamptons offers everything one could ever wish for in a holiday destination – top restaurants, exclusive clubs, fun bars, high end grocery stores and beach, beach, beach. The networking is to die for and the people watching even better.

The Hamptons is to New York what Aspen is to Colorado. There is the same level of Botox, however the Hamptons houses a younger breed too. There definitely aren’t as many cougars here, although you will see your fair share.

Being the fit and body-conscious crowd that it is, the Hamptons offers a plethora of fitness classes and boot camps to get your blood pumping. From Barry’s Boot Camp to Soul Cycle and everything in between, your options are endless. There is even a new method of yoga, know as SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard) that you can partake in. Lululemon offers its classic free yoga classes and classy, well-dressed women sip coconut water and green juices while meandering through the high-end stores.

But the Hamptons isn’t only about glitz and glamour. It is peaceful and tranquil and provides a paradise away from the concrete jungle of New York City. It gives you a chance to really breathe the air and to be among nature. Feeling sand underfoot is a unique experience for someone who spent the last seven months in one of the largest metropolises in the world and it is pure bliss. The Hamptons is indeed good for the soul and resets the mind and body, preparing it for the weekly return to the big smoke.