My weekly intentions (and the week that was)

 Sailing from East Hampton to Shelter Island

Sailing from East Hampton to Shelter Island

This is the second instalment of the My Weekly Intentions column. The week gone by was a mixed bag of busy-ness, achievement, study, learning, growth and new experiences. Did I complete each of the three intentions from last week’s list? Not entirely. I did, however, have several brand new experiences and achievements, which definitely added a spring to my step.

So – to last’s week’s intentions. First and foremost, I did write a letter to my grandmother. Being in the Hamptons, it is hard to dampen my desire to write, and letter writing is no exception. Did I run more? While I definitely didn’t get to my goal of three 10km runs (although my total running mileage over 30 kms for the week anyway), I did succeed in implementing my running schedule into my daily plans. Instead of purely using running as a form of exercise, I used it as my primary mode of transportation. I ran to and from the coffee shop and Farmer’s Market instead of the usual drive. I also rode my bike each day, riding every morning to the famous bagel shop to buy my boyfriend his morning bagel. Breaking up my exercise over the morning in these small spurts made it less daunting and significantly more enjoyable.

Also on the exercise front, I participated in several free fitness classes in the week just past. These classes added richness to my fitness regime as I pushed myself in new ways, attending everything from hard-core abs classes to stand up paddleboard yoga (in a studio) and core strength classes to Pilates.

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t work on my Italian at all last week, but not because I was lazy. Between business projects, preparing and cooking new meals and meeting new people, I simply ran out of time. I would fall into bed exhausted each night without having done my homework. In my defence, last week I was blessed to experience several unique and exciting things. On Wednesday evening, a new friend invited us on his boat to go sailing from East Hampton to Shelter Island. Being out on the water with nothing around us and no distractions was incredibly peaceful and grounding. It allowed time for me to clear my head, to let go of stress and to really live in the moment. On Thursday night, I went to an art exhibition in Amagansett and chatted to the artist. It was fabulous and I fell in love with his photography. On Saturday night, I was lucky enough to be invited along to two charity events, one of which was hosted by Women's Health Magazine. Both were at spectacular locations in the Hamptons and I experienced one of those 'pinch yourself' moments when I felt very blessed to be there. 

This week my intention is to simply open myself up to more new experiences such as these. It follows on from my post (found here) about just showing up. That evening spent sailing will be something I will remember for years to come. Yes, it took 6 hours out of my day (hours I wasn’t expecting to lose), but the clarity, stability and peace it brought to my being was second to none.

On a silly note, my other intention this week is to tidy up my slang. I have fallen into a terrible trap of saying “yeah” a lot. I want to banish this horrible word from my vocabulary for good. From now on, “yeah” will be replaced with “yes”. This is one intention I will be sure to hold myself accountable for!