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Almond Milk

Whether you have an intolerance, food allergy, digestive issue, or just don’t like the taste, many people are moving away from traditional dairy and embracing alternatives. While soy is still the most well-known non-dairy option, soy itself is definitely not a health product (see my previous post about this here). One dairy alternative that is healthy however is almond milk. There are several brands that now sell almond milk in supermarkets. Watch out however – most are sweetened heavily with cane sugar, agave or other crap. I have managed (in Australia at least) to only find one unsweetened variety (Sanitatrium’s So Good) however this product has a host of other nasties on the ingredients list – tricalcium phosphate and carrageenan anyone?! I didn’t think so.

Lucky for us, it is extremely easy (and cheap) to make almond milk at home. With a fridge-life or around 5 days, this milk can be used instead of traditional dairy, and tastes great too! This recipe makes about 4 cups.


1 cup of raw organic almonds

4 cups of filtered water

1 teaspoon of organic vanilla extract

*If you like your milk a bit sweeter, you can add dates for a natural sweetness


Place 1 cup of raw almonds in a blender with a cup of boiling hot water and allow to sit for 35 minutes.

Add 3 cups of filtered water and vanilla extract into the blender and blend until frothy.

Pour the mixture through a very small sieve (or cheesecloth). The non-liquid remnants can be dried, stored and later used as almond flour.


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