M Y  P H I L O S O P H Y

I am here to strip away the rules that society has put up around food and return our eating philosophy back to basics. Food isn't about calories, and it isn't just fuel. Food is SO much more than what you put in your mouth. 

So, what is food? 

Food is nourishment; family; community; love; abundance; pleasure; joy; happiness; fun; adventure; romance; surprise; warmth; comfort; hearty. Food is home.

The best food is simple food; that which is grown locally, by local farmers who are passionate about their art. It is to be shared with and enjoyed in the company of loved ones, slowly and deliberately, each flavour savoured with gratitude and purpose. 

My approach to food is straightforward. I believe true nourishment is derived from eating the highest quality seasonal produce, grown by local farmers and communities. 

Good, clean food should be accessible to all. And it can be. When you eat with the seasons, the produce speaks for itself, often needing little more than some olive oil or salt and pepper to tease out the rich flavours. No complications, no stress.

It is time to start caring about how you eat. This is how.