4 simple ways to eat more greens

We all need more greens in our life. Instead of chowing down on a bowl of kale at every turn, there are ways to sneak more greens into each meal. Here’s how: 

1. Use in smoothies

This one is obvious, but it is amazing how little difference to the taste this makes! Experiment with a handful of spinach or kale in your morning smoothie to add extra vitamins. Added points for adding avocado, for a boost of good fats and a creamy taste.  

2. Soups 

Almost any green vegetable can be pureed into a thicker soup. Try a mixture of broccoli, leek, spinach and zucchini, sautéed with some vegetable stock then pureed for a super food soup combo. 

3. Add to eggs 

Greens work super well in omelettes. Throw some kale or spinach into your omelette mix for a veggie hit. Even better is that you can use frozen or fresh greens – whatever you have on hand – to add more nutritional bang to your meal. 

4. Pasta 

Loving pasta doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your greens. Add green vegetables to bulk up lasagne, or mix fresh spinach through your favourite marinara sauce. You can also make green pesto, using avocado, using my recipe here

Eating more greens is easy, and the best part is that you may not even realise you’re doing it!