6 good fats you should be eating

As regular readers would know, my dietary philosophy is to shun the sugar and all things sweet, and replace it with a good dose of healthy fat.

Our bodies, particularly our brains, need fat in order to function properly. Contrary to what the diet police will have you think, fat does not make you fat. Fat makes our hair shine and our skin glow.

Here are my top good fats you should be eating now.

Nuts and nut butter

Nuts are my favourite go-to. They are so versatile and can be eaten as a snack, on salads or in smoothies in the form of freshly ground nut butter.

Even though nuts are high in fat, research has shown that frequent nut consumers gained less weight than those who never ate nuts.

Recent and consistent studies have also shown that people who eat nuts frequently have a lower risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and heart and blood vessel disorders.

When choosing nuts, try the raw or dry roasted version, as most varieties are cooked in canola oil and some contain added sugars and a tonne of salt


Avocados are actually a fruit – and a delicious and creamy one at that. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and can be used on salads, in wraps or as a spread.

The fat in avocados is monounsaturated, which means that it lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil

Not only does coconut oil add a delicious flavour to stir fries and roasted veggies, it has been shown to reduce belly fat. It also nips those sweet cravings in the bud when you are searching for something sugary in the afternoon.

Try sautéing spinach in coconut oil, or roasting sweet potato chips with coconut oil.


Salmon is choc-full of omega-3 fatty acids, which work to reduce inflammation in the body. There have also been recent studies suggesting that omega-3s may assist to slow cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Always buy wild-caught salmon, as farmed raised contain high levels of chemicals and antibiotics.


I recently wrote about the health benefits of eggs here. A study of 160 overweight people showed that those who ate two eggs (yolk and white) for breakfast lost almost double the weight as those who ate a bagel with the same number of calories.

Some studies have also shown that eggs may improve cholesterol levels.

Grass-fed and organic meats

Yes, meat (and skin) is high in saturated fat, however it isn’t the fat that is the greatest concern when it comes to our health. When animals are fed a chemical-laden and grain-fed diet before slaughter, those nasties are transferred to us when we eat poor quality meats.

To combat this, always buy organic, grass-fed beef and chicken. Pair any meat dish with plenty of vegetables, to ensure you are getting your daily dose of goodness.