Eating with the seasons: June

  Radishes are in season at the moment

Radishes are in season at the moment

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm very big on seasonal eating. Buying produce direct from your farmer, at your local farmers' market, ensures that you are eating with the seasons, and therefore eating the way nature intended.

It is almost mid-June and we are almost at summer. With the warmer weather, there are more and more delectable things hitting the markets. Here is a quick run down of what is in season this month:



*Beet greens











*Squash, summer

*Swiss chard

*Turnip greens


Have fun with these ingredients by trying out some new recipes. Remember, when you eat with the seasons, food always tastes better! For some spring recipe inspiration, check out my strawberry and rhubarb crumble recipe or my arugula, mint and watermelon salad.