How to eat on planes

 My recent 'left over' salad lunch on a plane flight.

My recent 'left over' salad lunch on a plane flight.

Plane travel can be tiresome and gruelling, but there is another, larger problem when it comes to flying - food, and what to eat!

First thing's first - most people think that you can't bring food on planes. This is just simply incorrect! Below are some basic tips and ideas on staying healthy while travelling.

1. Never, ever eat plane food 

Food served on planes is simply disgusting. I don't care if you are sitting in first class, the food served on board has been prepared hours, perhaps even days in advance, and from ingredients that aren't fresh. Meals have to stay safe for consumption, so a ton of preservatives are unpronounceable ingredients are added to extend shelf life. 

2. Avoid airport food courts

Unless you are desperate, same goes for eating at airport food courts. You definitely don't need a big greasy meal sitting in you before you board a plane. 

If your only option is to grab food at the airport, look for the least processed meals. Some airports have pre-packed salads. Watch ingredients though - the dressings are packed with sugar, and they often contain added ingredients like candied nuts. They are also generally very expensive! 

Other airport options for quick snacks are small packets of nuts. Just be sure again to grab the least processed version, so go for the ones that are raw, or dry roasted with bit of salt.

3. Bring your own food!

I can't stress this one enough! If you are in for a long haul flight, aim to bring at least 2 meals - one being a fairly substantial meal (lunch / dinner) and breakfast options.

Some meal ideas are:

  • Salads (I recently ate my soba noodle salad on a flight to Aspen)
  • Quinoa with roasted vegetables
  • Almond butter + fruit for breakfast (you can buy small individual packets of nut butters)
  • Bread roll + avocado and fresh tomato (breakfast)

With a salad, you can throw a bunch of raw veggies in an airtight container (avoid glass jars as you won't be able to take them on board). Pack a whole, uncut avocado and slice on top of salad when you eat it, to add some good, filling fats. It's also a great way to use up whatever produce you have left over in your fridge before you go away!

Snack suggestions are:

Pre-made salads and meals keep well for several hours - longer if you take a cooler bag and a frozen ice pack (you can take frozen liquids through security, just make sure they don't melt first). Just remember to grab some plastic knives and forks from an airport cafe. 

If the flight is only an hour or more, it is unlikely you will need to eat at all, so remove temptations to snack on the cookies or other food they hand out on board. 

The key here is preparation. Never go hungry on a flight again when you pack your own fresh, healthy fare!