How to keep fresh herbs fresh

There is nothing better than fresh herbs to add depth and flavour to a meal, especially with the bevvy of herbs available at the farmers' market during the summer. The only problem is, when not cared for properly, fresh herbs can wilt and turn bad at the drop of a hat. Here are a few tips to keep your herbs in tip top shape all week long.

Treat them like flowers

Just like flowers, fresh herbs come in bouquets. Treat them as such, by snipping off the end of their stems and storing them in a glass or jar filled with water. 

Keep basil at room temperature, but all other herbs can be stored in a glass in the fridge, covered lightly with a plastic bag to ensure freshness.

Fridge basics

Harder, woodier herbs, such as rosemary, can be wrapped gently in a damp paper towel followed by plastic wrap then placed in the crisper. An airtight container will also work. 

Washing étiquette

Only wash fresh herbs just before needed. This keeps dampness at bay, and helps to extend their life. 

Freeze like a boss

Along with other freezer favourites (soup, pesto etc.), fresh herbs can be frozen in some olive oil to preserve for use in colder months, when fresh produce is less readily accessible. I spotted this cool idea on The Kitchn where they point out that this trick is best done with hardier herbs, such as rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano. 

Freeze in ice trays with some olive and throw into a pan when sauteeing onion, leeks or other vegetables to infuse the delicious taste of the herbs through your cooking.