Raspberry & cashew super smoothie

Berries are the epitome of summer, and raspberries are up there with the best of them. Choc full of antioxidants and low in sugar, these little guys are a nutritional powerhouse. 

If there was ever a downside to this delicious berry however, it is that they can sometimes come off a little tart. To combat this problem, this smoothie is loaded with heart healthy cashew butter, which provides a rich, creamy foil to the tang of the berries. 

Feel free to use the milk of your choice, however you can make your own cashew milk using the same recipe as my almond milk (here), just replace the almonds with cashews. 

Serves 1.


1 cup of fresh raspberries (you can use frozen, just use less ice)

2 tbs of cashew butter. I like Artisana 

1/2 cup of cashew milk



Combine all ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend. Serve immediately. 


Gluten free | Vegan | Raw | Paleo