August - West Village


I never order chicken at restaurants. Ever. To me, chicken belongs in salads and sandwiches with avocado. At August however, it’s different. In fact, if you ate there and left without ordering the chicken, you would be missing out.

So, what’s so good about this chicken? First of all, it’s organic, which is a big tick in my box. Secondly, the taste. The best way to describe it is like KFC, without the deep-frying, chemicals and trans-fat. It comes roasted (and you know this is true as it takes a good 20 minutes to cook), with the perfect amount of skin left on both the breast and the little wing they serve with it. It is succulent and melts in your mouth. To be honest, it is an extremely large portion of chicken but there always seems to be room to finish it.

The third great thing about this dish is the accompaniments. In its menu-form, the chicken is actually served with mash potato however, being the potato/starch avoiding individual that I am, I switch this out for their brussel sprouts. Oh. My. God. It was these brussel sprouts that started my obsession with this little winter vegetable. Crisp, fried and salty, these little things are like a forkful of heaven. Also on the side are garlic and chilli coated green beans and, while they are served cold, they work beautifully and meld with the rest of the flavours so well. To top it off, the whole dish is topped with a gentle yet salty chicken jus, which complements everything involved on the plate.

Despite the exceptional chicken, the physical space that is August is impressive. The restaurant offers both an informal bar space where diners can enjoy either a drink before dinner or a casual meal and a garden atrium-style area where tables line a square-spaced room and are lit with small tea light candles. It is extremely romantic and peaceful.

The staff are a treat also. As we’ve become regulars, we chat away to Thomas behind the bar (who makes a mean cocktail), Joe the waiter, the owner and various chefs. The familiarity of the staff gives August such a great local feel. This place has become a once a week experience for me. Get there tonight!

Recommended: Roasted organic chicken with chilled green beans and fried garlic (I swap out the mashed potato for the fried Brussels sprouts!)

Prices:  $$

359 Bleecker Street

New York, NY 10014